Mighty Car Mods North American Meet: June 16-18

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Mighty Car Mods North American Meet: June 16-18

Message par CB7Nub »

So I've been trying to find a meet for both Ontario and Quebec Accords to come out to and meet.
And I found one that seems like a good meet for all of us. It's in Montreal.

For those of you who don't know Mighty Car Mods, they run a YouTube channel, powerful car community based out of Australia (yes Australia lol).
These guys are kinda of like the amatuer Top Gear of Australia.

Marty is coming here from Australia just for the meet. Yeah, that's hardcore.
Here is their plan of the meet over three days.
Of course I'm not sure I'd stay for the full meet, but hey we can at least stay for one day most of us as it's on a weekend most of it.
It's from a Saturday, June 16th, to Monday, June 18th.

This is what they do mostly and what has made them popular.
Watch the meet video FOR SURE. It's nuts. And they also made the song in the meet video. :)

Here is a video of a common build episode they make; this case it's a Honda Civic EG hatchback

Here is a meet they held back in February 2012: (REALLY GOOD CARS AND VERY LARGE)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qmhw9y3A ... ure=fvwrel

Original Thread:
http://forums.mightycarmods.com/showthr ... -Attending

Basically it's just an idea for us Ontario and Quebec Accords to meet up and get to know each other.
If you guys are willing I will bring members from CB7Tuner.com and Toronto Accord Club over to meet for a nice east coast Accord meet!

Post your thoughts below!


There has been enough talk about the North American members having their own Mighty car mods meet; it is time to put it into action.

So I give you:

**The First Ever Mighty Car Mods North American Meet**

Ninja Edit: Some strings have been pulled and Marty WILL BE ATTENDING! MAAAD!

I've heard whispers of the idea for about a year now but with increased demand, I thought that there might be enough interest for others to join in as well.

Just as a small forward, I am sorry to all the MCM members who would gladly make a trip to a far away place for a meet but who, find it unreasonable, too lengthy and costly to make it to the location of this meet. We wish that you were all able to come but as MCM grows bigger, we will hope to plan a meet in your area one day in the future

I also want to emphasize that if any of you are far enough away and would still like to attend, this is perfectly possible as this meet will NOT consist of a one day couple hours type event, it will be spread out over a couple days, essentially it is a vacation with friends. Bringing a girlfriend or other friends with you is perfectly welcome. See the details below

Enough small talk here are the details:

Location: Montreal, Canada
Date: June 16-18

As you may notice, the dates are set over a 3 day span, where you are assumed to be there prior to the start of the first day. You may choose to leave the last day if you like but you will miss an iconic montreal car meet. This means if you are flying you may only need to take 4 days off and if you are driving, you might want to take over a week off work. Members are welcome to come earlier/stay longer if they want.

Itinerary Events (in order):

June 16:
Welcome brunch
Cruise to Mount Royal+pictures of cars
Hang out in old port (Beaver tails+poutine for dinner)
IMAX Movie
Watch DMCC (10pm)

June 17:
Canadian breakfast at local restaurant(Chenoys)
Go-Karting at local outdoor track (prize for fastest mighty modder)
Cruise to man-made beach(outside of Montréal)
Group dinner

June 18:
Ice-Skating (yes I reserved an entire arena)
Group Lunch/Good bye meal + prizes
JDM Monday (massive car meet)

**There will be free time for you in this itinerary as I don't anticipate the events to take all day, with exception to the first day. In the brochure that I will be providing, there are suggestions and popular places/things to check out while you are here**

Some things to consider:
If you are committed to coming, but from far away, we will have a group hotel. Please be advised that we will not be staying downtown as the prices are ridiculous, more along the lines of suburbia where other large hotels lie for much cheap. If you are THIS serious please ask me for help because it would be great to have all the MCM members in one hotel.

Make the necessary planning if you want to come, this means tell your boss you need these days off NOW instead of in May.

Plan for around $120 a night, around $150 in food and gas is dependent on your cars fuel consumption and how far you have to drive. The events will also cost money but those are not finalized. So you're looking at about 600$ not including the price of gas to get there (you could split it with a friend) and the price for events, which shouldn't be too much. Factor in rental car prices, I'd say 200 to be safe, depending on your age and airline tickets if you are coming from afar!

I am arranging a group rate for a nearby hotel but I cannot get the rate until everybody is confirmed!! If you wish to check it out, it is the Holiday Inn off of Highway 40 intersecting with St-Jean street in the city of Point-Claire

Quebec Road Laws:
- We operate in km/h so switch your dash to it or follow the smaller numbers
- NO RIGHTS ON RED, cannot emphasize this enough and you will get a ticket for this.
- Our highway speed is slower than that of the USA: 60mp/h MAX
- ZERO alcohol tolerance when driving if you are below the age of 21. This is coming into effect as of April 21, 2012 so it will be relevant to everyone here!
- No fog lights or lights above the standard headlights
- Third brake lights are required, but you cannot get a ticket for this if your car has US plates. You may get stopped if the cop is having a bad day
- Rear/side reflectors are mandatory, again you cannot get a ticket for this if your car has US plates
- You may not have red tints applied to your head lights or red angels eyes, you can get a fine for this (usually just a warning)
- The legal tint limit is that 30 percent of light must be able to diffuse through your cars window tints but the rear windshield can be 0 percent pass through. You may get a fine for this.
- Technically aftermarket exhausts that make the vehicle louder than stock are illegal BUT I've never seen anybody get pulled over for this or get a ticket for it before, however it is written in under law.
- No sharp parts may be exposed or perturbing out of the bumpers or body
- DRL's are mandatory but again, if your car has US plates you probably won't be stopped and you cannot get fined.
- The only good thing about Quebec is that we strongly believe in the left lane courtesy. So if you want to pass someone head over to the left lane and people WILL move out of your way (only applies to highway)
- Provincial Police are fairly strict, but not unreasonable. You might run into a few stuck up ones who will try to pin you for anything seeing as you're not French but the Montreal Police are cool in regards to automobiles.

There are no laws regarding ride height, however if anybody is planning on driving up, I suggest raising your car up (if you have coils) because our roads are TERRIBLE. We take the bumper sticker of "I'm not drunk I'm avoiding potholes to a whole new level"

There are also no laws regarding tread depth but for safety I would strongly suggest that ALL members driving in have adequate tread for driving up and back as WELL as for a potential track day...
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Re: Mighty Car Mods North American Meet: June 16-18

Message par Hondapawa »

I would def like to meet you guys, especially the ppl from cb7tuner!!!
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Re: Mighty Car Mods North American Meet: June 16-18

Message par Ayeobe »

I will have to see if i can make it. The car is STILL not where i want it, but ill see what i can do to make it at least up to spec with the suspension.. those bad roads take their toll. Time off is not a problem, and i just need locations lol. Its more about the 120$ a day than anything heh

I'm not sure id want to do all events of every day, but each day has an event i wouldnt want to miss.. thats intresting.
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